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 Car stolen in london by car haker in glasgow!

this crime is still fictional but only just, experienced hackers can hack into some cars now albit with great difficulty and under certain conditions, with the amount of tech and computers going into high end cars you can easily navigate them on planet Mars most will be connected to the internet and will have control boards for the manufacturer to do deep level diagnostics, Mclaren F1 have been doing this for years, so in the not too distant future I envisage a time where law enforcement can disable your car instead of chasing it, insurance and tax could render your car immobile for non payment. and not only track the car but track what speed and what milage the car is doing and where.

For few years now I have been keeping track of new cars, how they fare after the last service under warranty.

its not just me, there are some others out there who have noticed a strange phenomenon of perfectly healthy cars becoming seriously ill within 6 months of the last service under warranty.

Even though I am somewhat cynical why should this be the case?  is it policy of the auto makers and their authorized dealers or is it what individual garages get upto?

If i had to guess its from the very top not even all the auto software developers would be privy to such damaging information.

so if I with my IT background had to think of a way of doing this, I would implement it in a special code that would be randomized and can be controlled in the same way as a gambling fruit machine can be set to a certain level of payout (probability) so this code could set the percentage of cars that will become faulty.

In the past I would just think its fanciful thinking and auto companies would never do that. then I think about what VW was doing with emissions who else is at it? and what are they up to in our cars!!

Regardless of what the Future may usher in, Dealer level diagnostics cannot be beaten when it comes to investigating stored faults within your on board diagnostics, look in our Maker specific section of the store you will find all manner of tools for all the major brands.

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