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Category - Guidance & walkthroughs

VW ODIS system review

Guidance & walkthroughs

ORDER YOURS TODAY CLICK HERE VW ODIS system review The ODIS system is the dealer system for VAG cars, ODIS, stands for Off-board Diagnostics and information System. A good system should include the three following programs our specially built includes ODIS-s service – dealer level Elsa-win – wiring and workshop information ODIS-e ENGINEERING – factory level program (developer mode) ODIS system will cover the following makes: VW AUDI SEAT SKODA LAMBORGHINI BENTLEY M.A.N VANS There are 2 main VW VAG…


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If you are asking yourself this question you really should read this blog. There are some generic tools that will do the job well enough but for accurate deep level diagnostics on any Mercedes be it car, van or Mercedes HGV/Bus as well as the Mercedes special machines and construction rigs, there is nothing better than what is known as a Star Machine. A Mercedes Star Machine will give you deep level diagnostics with pinpoint accuracy and give full readout…

Mercedes Benz Star clones fake SD CONNECT C5 vs Real SD CONNECT C5 review

Guidance & walkthroughs, Industry related news and articles

I have been meaning to do this comparison for some time now but work has been relentless, so lets start from the top. The real Sd connect C5 casing is made from real aluminium not a plastic composite made to look like metal, in the photo you can see the shine the fake one has its very easy to spot the difference. lots of blanked off vents, no fan or hdd/SSD with Xentry software, no usb ports, Click on images…

Tuning and remapping your car review

Guidance & walkthroughs

Tuning and remapping your car review There are few things to consider when thinking about remapping your engine Many cars have the same engine but different horse power often achieved by tuning and remapping the ECU. When a new car is made the makers are very keen not to have any issues during the warranty period so they give the car a very “safe” map which is well below the threshold of the engine. CDI engines can give upto 30%…