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Welcome to Pro Auto Diagnostics – Auto diagnostics specialists, stocking all dealer-specific OBD software, car diagnostic tools, auto scanners, auto-tuning, and remapping accessories.

We specialize in car diagnostic tools for finding engine fault codes and other diagnostic tools and scanners.

If you need to clear engine fault codes and display live data from the car’s obd port for engine and servicing diagnostics, we have the tools you need. We stock manufacturer-specific devices as well as general diagnostic scanners and fault code readers, such as diagnostic scanners and car diagnostic tools. These work to diagnose faults on multiple cars and help with software updates, testing faults, as well as essential maintenance for your vehicle.

Simply plug the diagnostic tool car fault code reader into the vehicle’s obd port and you’ll be able to view live data from the car’s on board diagnostics to help with fault finding and diagnose faults to find how best to fix the issues you’re having.

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