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Diagnostic Tools Clone Vs Original the facts

Diagnostic Tools Clones, Pros and Cons

To approach this comparison in an impartial and fact based way, one must have a good understanding of both products. Sounds logical enough, almost a platitude, But is it?

The Fact is, people selling original auto diagnostic tools will always recount anecdotal horror stories about how clone Diagnostic tools damaged their best friend’s car.

Sure badly made clones can do that but this isn’t the reason why they sell so well now is it? and naturally  sites selling clone auto diagnostic tools would say they are great to use.

Some balance is needed, which I am more than happy to provide.

Good copy of an original will do the exact same job barring some advanced functions on some dealer level clones, it will also be locked to one version of software and often needs reinstalling to update the Diagnostic software. of late we discovered that clone manufacturers will lock old software from running on their new machines yes even cloners are at it.

A Quick Pros and Cons

Clone Diagnostic Tools. Original Diagnostic Tools.
low price, no on going fees. High prices, on going high fees.
 Prone to technical issues ie communication and other setup issue.  Prone to Technical issues ie communication no set up issues.
 Many types and grades of the same diagnostics tool.  Uniform quality.
 Clone diagnostic tool makers will always copy the top of the range generic tools.  Original diagnostic tool makers will always lock functions to charge more.
Can cause damage when badly made. Insured and tested diagnostic tools
Dimensioning the original’s capability through lost revenue. Finding more and more ways to fleece the independent traders.

I hope to see more companies Like RossTech, DrewTech that can compete with Bosch and beat them on the makes they specialise in but I am yet to see any universal diagnostic tools that can rival the likes of Delphi, Autel or Launch.

There is a marketing study that shows prevalence of clones often increases sales of the original items, the study takes into account that most clones are locked in older version of the Diagnostics Software it does act as an introduction and a demo to many startup garages and trade professional at the start of their careers.

All end users will notice an increase in the requirements for more and more advanced diagnostics to carry out ever more complicated tasks, the auto diagnostics  industry is relatively new but its rise and revenue has not gone unnoticed by all the big players  in the automotive industry.

We at Pro Auto Diagnostics are not beholden to any brand when we like a brand even if we dont stock it we will advise people to buy it, a great example is Ross-tech we do not sell any of their products yet when asked about VW audi group I always offer their brand and contacts to deal direct with ross tech. same with drew tech and mongoose cables we dont not stock them but we praise them and will stock them as soon as we can get a good deal on originals, they are forgiven for not dealing with our company as we do sell some clones as well as originals.

if you have any experience with clones please leave us a comment below and we will add your comments to our site

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