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  • New-Arrivals-JLR-SDD-or-Pathfinder-Coded-Access-Password-with-technician-support


    Tony Saleni July 6, 2020

    JLR SDD PATHFINDER REVIEW AND INFORMATION COMPARISON. There are few types of interfaces and versions of software and of late more than one name for the dealer diagnostics tools for Jaguar Landover group. In this review I will try my best to give you as much information as I can to shed some light on […]


    VW ODIS system review

    Tony Saleni April 4, 2020

    ORDER YOURS TODAY CLICK HERE VW ODIS system review The ODIS system is the dealer system for VAG cars, ODIS, stands for Off-board Diagnostics and information System. A good system should include the three following programs our specially built includes ODIS-s service – dealer level Elsa-win – wiring and workshop information ODIS-e ENGINEERING – factory […]



    Tony Saleni March 13, 2020

    If you are asking yourself this question you really should read this blog. There are some generic tools that will do the job well enough but for accurate deep level diagnostics on any Mercedes be it car, van or Mercedes HGV/Bus as well as the Mercedes special machines and construction rigs, there is nothing better […]

  • C6 VCI

    Mercedes Benz C6 Vs SD Connect C4 review

    Tony Saleni June 25, 2019

    Mercedes Benz C6 Vs SD Connect C4 review Today we will look at the new generation Multiplexer C6 or to give it is actual designation mercedes Benz VCI and how it will compare to the SD connect C4 or SD connect C5 To start with both the clone and original C6 or VCI are of […]


    Mercedes Benz Star clones fake SD CONNECT C5 vs Real SD CONNECT C5 review

    Tony Saleni January 28, 2019

    I have been meaning to do this comparison for some time now but work has been relentless, so lets start from the top. The real Sd connect C5 casing is made from real aluminium not a plastic composite made to look like metal, in the photo you can see the shine the fake one has […]



    Tony Saleni March 5, 2018

    Over the past few years we noticed the clone Ford Ids sellers have been selling a really bad quality clone VCM2, with hacked versions of Ford IDS running on vmware only, We were unable to find a better IDS software version than V86.02 so we didn’t update it until we could find a really good […]

  • C4 board

    MB Star C4 vs MB Star C5

    Tony Saleni February 26, 2017

    In this blog we will compare the Mercedes Benz C4 vs C5 china clone Multiplexers. This should be a very short comparison The C5 is not really a C5 it’s just a C4 board inside a C5 shell and it does not fit well so the batteries are stuck dangling outside, its not worth a […]


    Tuning and remapping your car review

    Tony Saleni October 27, 2016

    Tuning and remapping your car review There are few things to consider when thinking about remapping your engine Many cars have the same engine but different horse power often achieved by tuning and remapping the ECU. When a new car is made the makers are very keen not to have any issues during the warranty […]

  • auto service

    Car Tech and last service under warranty

    Tony Saleni July 21, 2016

    The blog of 2 tails  Car stolen in london by car haker in glasgow! this crime is still fictional but only just, experienced hackers can hack into some cars now albit with great difficulty and under certain conditions, with the amount of tech and computers going into high end cars you can easily navigate them […]


    Mercedes Benz C3 Grade Review

    Tony Saleni March 9, 2016

    Mercedes Benz C3 Grade Review The MB Star C3 is one of the most popular clones on the market, It gives dealer level access to Mercedes Benz cars trucks/buses and plant machinery, running Xentry and DAS often installed on a laptop with EPC & WIS. The original can cost as much as 22k for a […]

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