RMT 7 in 1 Motorcycle Diagnostics


Diagnosis functions for Yamaha, Honda, KYMCO, SUZUKI, HTF, PGO, SYM. Read the fault codes, Erase the fault codes, Data flow analysis, CO adjustments, Action test, Original reference value, Waveform analysis, Data flow analysis, Signature analysis for fault codes, Data can be saved and printed.



RMT 7 in 1 Motorcycle Diagnostics

  1. Diagnosis functions for Yamaha, KYMCO, SUZUKI, HTF, PGO, SYM.
  2. Read the fault codes.
  3.  Erase the fault codes.
  4.  Data flow analysis.
  5. CO adjustments.
  6.  Action test.

The Function for Honda:

  1.  Read fault codes
  2.  Erase fault codes

There are  more functions

  • Original reference value
  • Waveform analysis,
  • Data flow analysis,
  • Signature analysis for fault codes,
  • Data can be saved and printed.


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