Omitec Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS tool



Omitec Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS tool

Describing OmniTire TPMS tire pressure monitoring system

OmiTire Plus is the complete solution for tyre fitters wishing to test or replace Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) valves.
The kit contains an OmiDetect for activating and checking that tyre valve sensors are working and an OmiNspect TPMS for reprogramming ECU’s to accept new valves or re-registering existing valves.
The technician will find this tool set essential when working with vehicles equipped with TPMS.
The OmiDetect will activate a wide range of TPMS valves for testing prior to and after tyres have been fitted or for registering the valve on the vehicle’s ECU. It gives results instantly and is simple to use.

Part No: OM510UK

The OmiDetect is a lightweight, battery operated diagnostic tool. Housed in a rugged rubber boot it is designed for both workshop and outside use. A simple and easy to use tool, one-handed operation gives rapid results, displayed both as an LED display and series of beeps

OmiNspect TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

The OmiNspect TPMS is a ‘must have’ for any garage re-fitting tyres. This tool is designed to program the TPMS ECU and register new valve or re-registering valves if wheels have moved into different positions.

The kit is supplied with a J1962 Universal Multi-way harness, providing access to different vehicles’ ECU’s, and an extension cable so that one man operation is achieved when used in conjunction with the OmiDetect.

The kit is supplied with comprehensive instructions that include manual procedures for systems that do not require a tool.

1.TPMS valve sensors (direct systems) activation test for Schrader, Beru, Siemens and many other makes.
2.TPMS valve sensor transmission check for where direct activation is not supported on the vehicle.
3.Pressure loss check for RF sensors.

ECU programming on a wide range of vehicle types (where TPMS is fitted) including:
Alfa Romeo
and many others.
OmiTire can be updated in the future to cover new vehicle applications.

Use the and keys to select the required function.
Press to confirm the selection.
Press to return to previous screen or abort programming procedure.
1. Select required manufacturer from list.
2. Follow on-screen instructions.
3. When prompted, activate required Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) valve using OmiDetect. See OmiDetect Operating Instructions for details.
4. When each valve code has been programmed, a confirmation message will appear on the hand-held tester. Press the key to continue.

Renault Application
The Renault application offers further functionality of the hand-held tester, which includes the ability to program valves individually and manually enter known valve codes without requiring OmiDetect.
The additional available menu options are shown below.

Read DTCs
This option allows any ‘Stored’ or ‘Pending’ DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) to be viewed.
If more than one DTC is displayed, the required DTC can be selected by using the and keys. Press to select the DTC and display the description of the code.

Clear DTCs
This option will clear all ‘Stored’ and ‘Pending’ DTCs held by the TPMS control module.

Live Data
This option allows the user to view the current status of the TPMS components on the vehicle and can provide a quick way of telling if a component is working correctly.

ECM Data
This option allows the user to view the current ECM data,including: Serial Number and Software Version Number.


The following options are available under the Commands menu:
Program Valves
Set Summer Tyres
Set Winter Tyres
Set With TPMS
Set Without TPMS
Set Pressures
Change Trigger Limit
Set Tyre Suffix

TPMS Troubleshooting Tips

If a valve appears to not respond when tested, check the following:
1.The tyre valve is a TPMS valve.
2.The exciter is not pointing directly at the valve stem.
3.The valve stem is metal and will prevent a good RF signal.
4.On low profile tyres, the area for the RF to penetrate the tyre sidewall is small, carefully aim OmiDetect half-way between the tyre rim and the tread.
5.Check the batteries are not low in the OmiDetect and the TPMS valve.
6.If there is no response from the valve after the checks have been made, the TPMS valve could be faulty

Package including:
1. Carry case.
2. Switchable J1962 cable.
3. Extension cable.
4. OmiTire Hand-held tester.
5. OmiDetect


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