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We are one of the very few truly independent Auto Diagnostics Service providers, We do not fix or repair cars.  There is no conflict of interest in us giving your car a clean bill of health. our prices are set and we provide a mobile service.

Why should you always use independent auto diagnostics service?

We do not need to make faults up to get more money out of clients. we do not charge for clearing faults, if your car had 101 OBD faults or none, the price is the same, lots of help and advice including part numbers and time estimations. So when you take your car to the local garage you know exactly what the problem is and how long it should take to fix. Pro Auto Diagnostics Ltd can offer the you the following services.



A fast and friendly service if you cannot get to us we will come to you, give you full read out, clear any stored codes, and make a final reading, this is a generic function and will be a snapshot of what the main systems are recording.



This service is often carried out by dealer level auto diagnostic tools, full read out of all sensors and modules, clearing all lights and faults, final read out is given with full explanation of codes as well part numbers and task duration where possible.



We offer a full remapping and tuning service we use only the best tools. we custom tune the map for every car, we supply many auto mapping businesses with tools and tech support. We come to your home or place of work and remap your car while you wait. A copy of original map will be saved on our server and on a flash memory stick should you wish to revert back to original. Unlike many others we do not charge for reverting back to the old map, this is service is free.



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